What R ya gonna Do???

I mean really, What are you gonna do??

I’m on facebook and other social media sites like most and all I can see is Paris and Cat videos.  On the news I watched as the events in Paris unfolded live, just like they did on 9/11.  We all sit mouths agape and in shock at the horrific things we see.  Seriously?  Are you really that surprised?


Honestly, sometimes it seems the cats are smarter than some of what I see.  A poster says, “I hear there was a bombing in Lebanon, anyone know where I can find the Syrian flag so I can support the Syrians?”  Another, changes profile picture with French flag imposed on the photo and says, “I don’t watch the news but I know there is something up with all these Paris posts, so I changed my profile because everyone else is doing it.”  In no way wishing to impune many who truly stand in solidarity with those of the tragedy.

Many are up in arms screaming for something and most don’t even know what they are screaming about.  Friends, this is where the real danger lies…This is what we should fear!  The insipid stupidity of the masses…for years I called them “sheeple”, people who follow any change in the wind without real conviction to anything.

So….What are ya gonna do??

In the words of Jim Carey, from the movie Liar, Liar…

jim careyFletcher: You scratched my car.
Impound Attendant: Where?
Fletcher: [shows scratch.] Right there.
Impound Attendant: Oh, that? That was already there.
Fletcher: You LIAR. Do you know what I’m going to do about this?
Impound Attendant: What?
Fletcher: Nothing. Because if I take you to small claims court it’ll just drain eight hours out of my life and even if I got the judgment you’d probably stiff me anyway. So what I’m gonna do is piss and moan like an impotent jerk and then BEND OVER AND TAKE IT UP THE TAIL PIPE.
Impound Attendant: You’ve been here before haven’t you?

Honestly, is there really anything we as individuals can do? 

  • We can…we can be aware and educated.
  • We should… we should be vigilant in keeping that awareness and education ongoing.
  • We need… we need to prepare for a time when things are not just something we see in social media or the news.
  • We will… we will, if prepared be able to take care of our loved ones.


OK, so what does that mean?  How do we prepare?


As with some posts on here and in other wonderful blogs on the internet, there is a ton of information on beginning the process of preparing for a day when things are not so great.  Being a writer of post-apocalyptic novels, this blog and am blessed with the opportunity to host a weekly show on Prepper Broadcasting (insert shameless plug here), I have had the chance to see much good information.  I am a huge advocate of education, educate yourself…learn skills to help you get by because they weigh nothing, they can’t be destroyed or stolen and it is often times that you can obtain it for free.  Education can be shared freely without the fear of running out and it makes YOU the valuable commodity! There is truth in the saying :

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  ~Maimonides

Ok then, let’s learn…Where do we start?

**In this section if you see a link….it is a link to another article about the topic, so check them out

Basics, what do you need to survive?  There are basic human needs to consider, water, food, shelter and safety.  there are many more but lets not get into the New Prepper Overload mindset and go getting ourselves into a tizzy!  instead of tossing list after list at you (because there are plenty of them out there), I’d rather just toss some ideas around… The rest?  Well, that we can just figure out as we go along.

So… Water!



This little gem is likely the most important thing to consider.  3 days people, did you know without it after 3 days you will be in rough shape?  It’s is the simple rule of 3’s in survival.  3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food.  A very good rule to consider when you are thinking on trying to get your preparedness mind in order.   Now water is heavy so keeping in mind ways of water purification and what you need to know about water is where the education part comes in.



Shelter… Well what if you’re forced from your home?

Here again is the education concept I have been beating into everyone’s head here… shelter

If you know how to do it from nothing you have everything you need!  As the winter months approach it is important to note that shelter is possibly in the most immediate sense possibly even more important than water.  Go out and go camping, learn how to build a shelter for yourself and practice this.


Holy Cow what about….Food

forageThis by no means implies that we need to go out and shoot the neighbor’s cow, but on the same lines we might do well to practice hunting with different mediums used for hunting.  Learn to trap, shoot both guns and arrows, fish and forage for the things that mother nature can offer.  Purely from an educational stand point, considering the fact that storage of food and other things is far more palatable a concept for most we must keep in mind that these can be lost.



Shoot … First ask questions later is often the mantra for security.


However keeping with the Mantra of educate yourself, by all means learn to shoot.  For now the 2nd amendment guarantees us the right to own that gun for hunting and security we should value this.  Think on this though, you loose that gun…Now what?  Learn and practice self defense evasion tactics or other nonl-lethal means of defense.  how about becoming less visible?   There are many ways to practice your “Rambo” skills, because remember he didn’t always have a gun.  He improvised often and we should learn to do so as well, in not just defense but in all ways.


Finally at the risk of sounding “political”, our current state of affairs world wide should at the very least motivate you to begin thinking about what would you do if???  Many things happen in our lives and in the world we can’t always control…it could be anything from a minor setback, personal loss or even major catastrophes. Walking around thinking it won’t happen to me or the government will take care of me is a naive outlook at best.  As I write this the  TV is yammering on the background and what catches my attention a commercial… I hear… “You may not be a prepper right now, but you will be…”  With things like ready.gov telling us to have 3 days food and water stored I think it is foolish for anyone to think they would be spared.

Keep in mind as well that there will be many who hold to that philosophy of it won’t happen to me will likely become like rabid dogs when the real SHTF.


DJ Cooper

Author of the Dystopia Series


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