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What is a Cache?


Excerpt from Dystopia:The Long Road

Scheduled for release October 2015


John knew deep down, that coming soon would be something that was nothing short of disastrous. He scolded himself as he did often,
“I’m not ready for this!”
Checking things off in his mind, he began his mental list of things he wanted to address. “Cache” he thought, he had wanted to get that done this summer and had been putting it off. The thought struck him like a truck when it crossed his mind, ‘Matt’s parents, I have to go over and see them. I need to see what their situation is.’
John and Matt had been friends since middle school and he was close to his parents. Often just strolling in around lunch time and helping himself to snacks while chatting with them. He decided he would go over this afternoon, coincidentally right around lunch time. He giggled to himself thinking how he would be going to check on them yet helping himself to lunch.
Heading to the barn he got out the fifty-five gallon drums he had collected earlier in the summer that he planned to use for his cache. Behind the barn was the chicken pen, he planned to bury them in the far corner of it. With the chickens constantly scratching the ground there was no grass anymore he figured no one would be able to tell something was buried there.
In one of the three drums he planned to put fuel, he had wanted a diesel truck but Amy insisted she wanted him to get “normal” gas. She said that she hated the smell of the diesel and said she would not ride in it if he did. Thinking about it he felt it was a good choice as he would now be able to fuel all the vehicles without the need of different drums. He buried all three of the drums without backfilling until he was done adding the contents. The fuel drum he filled full which took a few trips to different gas stations with his five gas cans that each held 5 gallons.
He then began to decide what he should place in the others. He knew that a time might come when his guns could be confiscated so that was one thing he was going to consider for the non-food drum. The other was a food cache, he lined the drum with a large Mylar bag and placed 2 cases of freeze dried meals inside with coffee, sugar, powdered milk and chocolate. He also added canned meats of various kinds and fifteen pounds of beans. There was still room in the drum so he added salt and other spices and ten pounds of rice, topping it off with some flour and powdered eggs and a few jars of canned butter and peanut butter. Not wanting to waste any space he poured a large bag of various packets of things he had collected from all his take-out food to fill the voids. He sealed the bag and closed the lid taking care to make certain it was closed properly.
The final drum was non-food items he placed another Mylar bag inside but only to make sure there would be no damage in case of leakage.
He decided on fishing equipment, a net and some snares. He added zip lock baggies full of matches and lighters along with a whole box of heavy duty trash can liners.
He opted for two of his Glock 19’s both chambered in 9mm and five hundred rounds for them. He also had a 12ga that he had picked up at the flea market and two hundred-fifty rounds of bird shot and another hundred of double ought buck. Finally adding his .22 that he had gotten when he was nine from his grandfather along with five hundred rounds for it.
Standing back looking at it, he knew he could get still more into this one, so he decided on a hatchet and camp saw. Not knowing what else he could add he began to walk about just looking at different things when it hit him, “Water” he said out loud.
Searching through his closet he found what he was looking for, he had purchased some time back a Katadyn portable water filter, it even had two replacement filters for it. As he was headed back to the drums he remembered his other med kit and decided to add it as well. Feeling fairly content with his caches he added random smaller items. Which included some silver coins, five bottles of varied liquor and a few flashlights along with spare batteries.
Once filled and all were sealed he completely covered the drums and spread the rest of the leftover dirt around the chicken pen. He rolled it with a large heavy roller he used to mash out the mole trails in the yard, I worked well to pack it down. Afterwards he spread some chicken scratch around to get the chickens moving about so it would look like it usually did

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Blog Tour – Dystopia: Beginning of the End


As the title might indicate, this post is about not only the book but also the blog.  The word Dystopia means in its most basic translation, anything that causes a less than ideal situation.  I had to move recently and therefore my internet access has been spotty at best, this would be a Dystopian situation for this blog itself.  But delving further into this there are many things lately that are cause for this post, but more than that I hope to bring a lot more information to you over the coming weeks and months.

Many of us are feeling like some kind of cloud is hanging over the world these days, there is much that is taking place at home and abroad that had been giving many feelings of dread.  Well my friends, I fear many things have been coming to pass that are indeed indicators of a world spiraling into some kind of troubles.  Continue reading Blog Tour – Dystopia: Beginning of the End