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Hello, and welcome to another  of my ramble’s

Recently, I was able to attend with my wife, our first Prepper Expo by NPS EXPO and sponsor Mountain House.  I have read articles and listened to podcasts about Prepper Shows/Expos and the people, exhibitors you meet there.

I was not disappointed.

As soon as I walked in, I immediately felt at ease.  I no longer felt like the proverbial fish out of water.  It seemed everyone was feeling a sense of ease as we mingled with like-minded people.  So many exhibitors, speakers, and demonstrations to participate in.

A great source to find a show near you is Prepper Shows USA

So, Let’s talk about the show….shall we?

The first exhibitor we smelled, I mean saw, as we walked in was Mountain House .  They had several of their products for samples as well as some nice give-a-ways.  I have to say I could get along well with these products and think we all should have stores available to us for emergencies, large or small. More of my personal thoughts on Freeze Dried food later in another post.

There were many exhibitors we visited but here is a recap of our favorites.

My main purpose of attending was to meet Doom And Bloom and the Wound Care Suture and Stapling Class on Sunday.

On Saturday, Dr. Joe Alton, M.D.  Aka Dr. Bones where he discussed his desire to have a medically trained person in every household.  I now understand that each of us needs to be as knowledgeable as we can in basic first aid/trauma care, just in case a situation arises when there isn’t a medical professional available. One very good quote I took away, “Beans, Bullets, and BANDAGES”.  Wow, anyone else have the first two mostly figured out and not so much the third?

During our Saturday visit, we spent a great deal of time at the Doom And Bloom Medical Store display talking with Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones.  What a great couple with such great knowledge and quality supplies.  The hands-on experience with the gear and demonstration/explanation by them was priceless.  I was interested in the SWAT-T tourniquet and Dr. Bones showed me how it works.  He took the display model, put it in my hand, extended his arm and said start here.  Yes, the Dr. had me apply a tourniquet right then and there, explaining the proper technique as I went.  “Wrap and Stretch to the Moon” I can still hear him telling me.  After a few wraps, I became nervous and stopped, stating, his hands were too important for me to damage.  He smiled and show me how the blood to his fingers had already begun to have their blood flow reduced and that I was already knowledgeable on how to use correctly.  It was Amazing.  Great thing about this tourniquet, is that it can be used in other ways as well.  Pressure bandage, immobilizing a sprain, and other options.

A couple other exhibitors that we enjoyed their presentations and products where:

Thrive Life and Homestead Moma <==”Spelled That way for a reason”

Thrive Life is another Freeze Dried Company that works a little differently and I like.  They offer freeze dried foods for you to use to prepare your own meals. They also have many recipes using their products to make meals in a jar.  In a quart jar, you can make a meal that will feed around 4-6 people and prepares in 15-30 minutes just by dehydrating. They offer monthly subscription plans as well as doing your own home parties.  Home parties are where you demonstrate their products, gain sales, and earn discounts for your own purchases.  As a salesman for the last 30+ years, this interested me. Great group of people and I really liked the concept of the company.

Homestead Moma was an unexpected surprise.  She hails from Mississippi where we currently live.  Her and her family are Homesteaders.  The live as much off-grid as possible and do very well.  She gave a really great soap making class we attended and learned a lot. Can’t wait for my next vacation so we can try the new skill we have learned. We also purchased a set of her Essential Oils and have gained a better understanding of their uses. Very down to earth and super friendly family in general who are just trying to share their experience with everyone along the way. Along with the website, she has a YouTube Channel I recommend Homestead Moma .

She does a live YouTube show on Sunday afternoons, 4:00 CST as well. Check them out if you get the chance.

One additional item I would like to mention is the PSL, Personal Solar Light. While I didn’t purchase this item, I was very impressed with the specifications and the presentation. After showing us the features of the light, the demonstrator proceeded to throw the light about 10 feet against a brick wall with all his might. Needless to say, zero damage and still fully functional.  It’s collapsibility and carry ability were both very impressive and you can read more at the link above.

Sunday, the highlight of the weekend for me, the Wound Care Suture and Stapling Class .  It was a 3-1/2  hour class that taught us so much more than what I expected.  Knowing how to identify possible infections and other reasons you would not want to close a wound.  As part of the class, we were able to practice suturing and stapling on a Pig’s Foot.  I also learned that the suture now -a-days comes preinstalled inside the needle.  My Neanderthal thinking was we still threaded the needle like we do when sewing clothes.

Sterilization.  Wow, lot to learn there.  We each had our own Sterile Kit to use that comes sealed prior to use.  Opening and preparing to use this kit and tools is again, not what I thought.  Everything has a way to use and remove from the pack to maintain the most sterile field possible. Once we got that out of the way, we prepared the wound for closure starting with the betadine swabs and working always from the wound out and never back towards the wound.  Each swab used only once then discarded.

Of course, we all were there to stick a needle in a pigs foot.  LOL I quickly realized that spacing the suture evenly and aligning them were not as easy as one thinks.  I think Dr. Frankenstein would have been proud of my creation.  Tying the knots with the instruments was a challenge at first but with Dr. Bones help, I learned that I could accomplish and as he pulled and tugged on my sutures after complete and seeing them hold sure made me smile.  It wasn’t pretty but it would do the job.

Stapling was next and wow, much easier that sutures.  Again, each stapler was a one-use kit that should not be used on different individuals so sutures will be the long term solution.  Additionally, staples are for the exterior closing only and any internal closing will require sutures. Two Thumbs Up and Highly Recommend the class to anyone who can attend one.

In closing, I highly recommend anyone and everyone attend one of these expo’s if the chance arises.  Preppers and Non-Preppers alike have much that can be learned and for a very minimum cost.


Dollar Store Find of the Week —Dollar Tree:

  • Dental Kit including Tooth Brush, tongue Scraper, 2 probes, and dental mirror
  • Pack of Matches, pack of 10-32 count boxes

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Let’s all hope for the best but always be prepared for the worst.

Your Humble Rambler,

Pappy Canoli

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