Knowledge and Wisdom

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Good Day, Hello all and Hope this post finds you well.  I thought I would share with you a story about my weekend adventures.

My wife and I have a home on 7 acres mostly wooded.  I spend much of my time outdoors practicing and honing my skills. As often as possible, we bring the grand-kids out to spend time and I am always trying to teach them a skill.

One thing I always like to tell them is, what I believe the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom is.

This weekend, one of them now understands exactly what it means to him.

Like most Saturdays, he slept in late.  Not I though. Anytime in bed after 6:00 am is a waste in my book.  This morning it was a cool and blustery 27 degrees and I could not wait to get out doors and enjoy. I wanted to shoot some video’s to share of this beauty of a day we were blessed with. After hiking the property, I headed back to the house to get the little one out of bed.  Once he was awake, fed, and dressed, we headed out for our adventures.

Order of the day today, was blow guns and refreshing up our Dakota Fire Hole. And other Bushcrafting fun.

Having been raining for more days than I care to count, everything was extremely wet.

We began to prepare for our fire. Sawing, batoning, making feather sticks, and shavings. I always try to keep a careful eye on the grands while they are using any tools, safety is paramount. The young one did well and worked very safely today.

The day progressed and the sun began to set, and now it was time to wind down and head in.  With the fire becoming little more than embers, much of his energy (and mine) was spent, the task of packing up now began. And this is when the Wisdom was learned for the day.

As he was re-sheathing his knife, I had my back turned and heard a sudden yelp of pain. I knew in an instant what had happened but no idea of the severity. I have been cut myself many times and know first-hand the wisdom of the pain of a sharp cut.

The look of shock on his face as the bright red blood ran from his finger tip was heart breaking for me.  As I looked closer, I saw it wasn’t a deep cut but right on the fingertip.  Poor little fellow looked at me with such fear as he said, “Mom’s going to kill us Pap”.  I hadn’t thought of that one as of yet and suddenly a new wave of agony came over me.

First things first, we had to address the wound.  Luckily, we were just yards away from the house and quickly went inside.  He learned the value of Hydrogen Peroxide and its cleaning values.  A little Neosporin and some Band-Aids as a butterfly stitch and the bleeding quickly stopped.  As we sat and reflected on the learning lesson, he told me he truly understood all the times I told him about Knowledge and Wisdom.  He knew the sharp edge would cut skin quick and fast.  Now he has the harsh reality of the wisdom to respect that edge and be even safer next trip.

My take of the day, I did not have a FAK (First Aid Kit) pack with me.  I am at home so is it really necessary? Yes, Yes it is. I have and always do carry the 10c’s in my day pack.

Today, I learned that I must add a FAK to every bag I have.

Shame on me and lesson learned.

Safety never takes a break, this is true.

I am so thankful that it was not much, much worse and it seems all will be well.  Sitting here this evening, other than the Band-Aids, you couldn’t tell anything had happened today at all.

Thank goodness.

So our Saturday comes to a close as we watch Christmas shows and he is buried in his electronics. Tomorrow, no knives, but we are going to hike the property together before he has to leave for home. We will have a day pack loaded as usual and this time, it will and forever more, have a FAK-Pack included.

***A few notes on the knowledge and wisdom of this tale.  Knowledge is knowing the information needed to address a situation.  Wisdom is learning from a situation to keep it from becoming one in the future.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season.  Stay Safe and Happy.

Till my next Post,  PEACE


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