Welcome to The House of “B”

You might be sitting there, wondering what the hell you’re listening to here.     Well, let me tell you a bit about that.

The House of B is a place where you can come to get a different flavor on the world of prepping. The Liberty Chronicles is a three book series that begins more of a political fiction with I Overthrew The Government and This Is How I Did It continuing with The Freedom Fighters that slowly transitions to more of a post-apocalyptic by the end of the third book. I try to incorporate prepping ideas and concepts into the story because I happen to believe that one can use works of fiction to better educate people about the reality of the world we live in… and how easily it can come crumbling down.


This is my proverbial soap box, where I can voice my opinions about anything and hopefully find at least some of you agree. I’ll talk a lot about my books, especially the progress the third installment is making, I’ll talk about some politics on the state and national level and I’ll talk a bit about our farm and the aspects of prepping on a farm. I’ll eventually work in some prepping ideas I’ve had of my own and leave them out there for people to weigh in on. Something else I’ll throw in there is a random Founding Father quote and my final thoughts of the day. Occasionally, I might throw in something else like one of my country music demos. We’ll see what happens. I’ll close the show with a sound clip from a random song I like.


I always appreciate feedback and questions and I’ll gladly get back to everyone that has a question for me. I do think I should say something about the goals I have with my writing. I’d love to become a best seller, but I’m not going to hold my breath on that one. Realistically, I just like to open some eyes with these books, telling a story that could easily happen, given the same circumstances. In doing so, it forces people to start thinking about what they would exactly do if the fan blades got shit stained. If my efforts bring even just one person to the realization they need to start working on prepping and begin removing themselves from a dependency on the system, all of this will have been worth it.


Oh, you’re still here reading this? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate you reading… but why are you here? Don’t you have homemde MREs to seal up in mylar bags,some Mountain House to store ? Or, utilizing a roll of paracord in some new way you hadn’t thought of before? You could be outside practicing how to build make-shift shelters. There are literally an unlimited number of prepping activities you could be doing right now, but for some reason you chose to be here instead. So, I thank you for that from the very bottom of my heart. Now, you’d better get going. You’ve got work to do. Don’t give me that look, put the headphones on and listen to the podcast while you prep. Go on now. I mean it, go.

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