Surviving Dystopia will now accept paid advertising.  Advertising can take several forms; paid ads, promotional giveaways, reviews and other means of in post advertising.  Vendors products relating to preparedness and survival will be given prime space first.

Give aways:  We are continuously looking for products to give away to our readers.  Give aways will have in post exposure, radio exposure and side bar exposure for the duration of the contest.

Product Reviews: Surviving Dystopia staff is happy to review your product(s).  We do reserve the right to decline reviewing a product or products not necessarily because we do not think your product may or may not be useful, but due to time constraints, space restrictions, code restrictions, etc. Products accepted for review will be openly and honestly reviewed from our perspective for use in a suburban and urban setting by use by and for our readers.  We may request a product to be sent to us for review.  If you are interested in having your product reviewed, please send us an email via contact form following

Thank you, and we look forward to promoting your emergency preparedness related products and services.


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