Addiction Post SHTF

It’s interesting to note that addictions come in many forms it is not only drugs or alcohol the people are addicted to.  I am not wanting to climb up on a soapbox but sometimes we look at things and we don’t realize that they consume far too much of our time.  I could give you a giant list of these… Facebook, food, cigarettes, porn and even coffee. I’d like to examine a few of these and offer not only insight into them but also links to assist my fellow preppers.

Facebook now has its own classification of addiction, it’s actually documented that people are addicted to social media this is keeping people from having real social interaction or personal relationships. “Thibeault wrote that he quit Facebook because, “my news feeds were becoming an addiction. They were a constant interruption pulling me away from the work that I was otherwise enjoying.” (CBS News, 2012) The study in medical news concludes that social media facebookis replacing human interaction and destroying social skills, people can no longer interact in a normal fashion (medical news today, 2015).  I have actually done this….Sat on social media, liking someones posts that is sitting right beside me.  Anyone else?  Even to texting, how many have literally texted a person in the next room?

There are a lot of other things that people are addicted to,  another tough one is food lots, of people are addicted to food it’s very real it’s very physical, people literally cannot say no to food; it brings them comfort, sometimes it brings some satisfaction. “Scientifically, foodfood addiction is a cluster of chemical dependencies on specific foods or food in general; after the ingestion of high palatable foods such as sugar, excess fat and/or salt the brains of some people develop a physical craving for these foods.” (Food addiction institute, 2016) Certain foods actually have physical and emotional attachments  that the addict actually cant stop eating it.  Some of the psychological effects that may be experienced include:  Low self-esteem.  Depression. Panic attacks. Increased feelings of anxiety. Feeling sad, hopeless, or in despair. Increased irritability, especially if access to desired food is restricted. Emotional detachment or numbness, Suicidal ideation.

pornPorn that’s another, it is literally an addiction that becomes actually physical and emotional…people go through physical and emotional withdrawals.  What the porn addict doesn’t realize is it causes dysfunctional emotional problems because of the chemicals released in the brain dopamine and oxitocin, people literally bond to a two dimensional image, they no longer have a desire to bond with their partner.  Habitual porn and masturbation can even cause erectile dysfunction in men.  A movie highlights this addiction in”Don Jon”… The movie highlights this with, Jon’s dissatisfaction with real life sex is something he has in common with a lot of habitual porn users. In his book, The Brain That Changes Itself, the psychiatrist Norman Doidge writes about a phenomenon he began to notice among his male patients in the mid 1990s.”   Funny thing is that they are reprogramming the brain” to LOVE the porn and are not able to connect to a live person, in essence taking away the very thing they seek. (exerpt Doidge, M.D.)  Another aspect people don’t think of, “Is porn cheating?” According to many studies, the answer is “Yes, It is an insult, it is disloyal and it is cheating.” (guy stuff counseling, 2012)

coffeeCoffee is another…. (mine) it doesn’t grow here in the U.S. Caffeine is a huge addiction for people, it causes physical pain upon withdrawal.  If you  fail to get it, youfind yourself with caffeine related headaches. “Regular ingestion of the drug alters your brain’s chemical makeup, leading to fatigue, headaches and nausea if you try to quit.” (Smithsonian, 2013) Can you imagine the shit hit the fan situation and you have a headache the size of Montana and you can’t function because you can’t get your caffeine. This is my biggest vice I drink caffeine all day long every day be it coffee or tea. I need my caffeine to be functional in the morning, what am I going to do when I can’t get that caffeine and I have a fog in my brain keeping me from paying attention to the world around me and the things that are going on.


Anything could be your addiction… tobacco, pain meds, gaming, tv, on and on the list goes…. I could sit here and document the effects of these addictions all day long.  Some of these things you will find  or even make … Tobacco can be grown as can cannibis, which might replace pain meds…but the above are likely going to dry up immediately anything having to do with the internet will likely disappear immediately and food will be a struggle.  Getting your fix of sugar and caffiene might be a challenge at best. A sudden drought in any of these addictions could cause; Anxieity, sadness, irritability, hopelessness and many other detrimental effects that might cost you everything WTSHTF.

Most addictions, like drugs and alcohol actually take away from you what it is that you’re using it to gain.   You want to be happy with alcohol?  It takes away your happiness, ruins lives and relationships.   Seriously the only one that thinks you are super cool when you’re drunk is you, otherwise you kind of look like an idiot.  You want to be satisfied with porn?  It takes away your ability to be satisfied, ruins your relationships and sets expectations that cannot be fulfilled.   You want to be happy with food?  It literally robs you of your happiness in good times, what about, when you can’t get your trigger foods and you are devestated.   These things we use to curb our anxiety or create happiness are all just things and can never bring you any real or lasting happiness. (see post on Anxiety and medicating)
With so much going on in the world today I’ve been thinking about how we would react in real life situations where things are not what they have always been, you may not have access to food; let alone the source of your addiction.  This can cause anxiety and a real sense of withdrawl.  Everyone knows that the addict that’s addicted to drugs and alcohol are going to suffer a very real withdrawal that is physical and has physical manifestations but did anyone ever consider the fact that these other little addictions are going to cause people physical manifestations of illness, as well as, anxiety, feelings of loss… Loss in the world already lost….. unrealistic losses loss of things that were honestly harming you to begin with …. if we already need these escapes in a world that works fine what’s going to happen to us when the world no longer works as were used to it.

All of us need to look at not only our physical preparedness but also emotional.  If we need to defend our preps should we not defend our psyche as well?  Getting our mindset right is paramount to surviving. It will be a difficult time and feelings of agitation and anxiety over the loss of something that was killing us anyway seems somehow ironic….  A simpler look?  Look at the pictures…As  I was sorting through these for this post I noticed not one of them looked happy 🙁

DJ Cooper – Author of the Dystopia Series


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